No gravador de Inezita [ At Inezita’s recorder]

picture: Cacalo Kfouri


The project

Included in Rumos 2015-2016, the project No Gravador de Inezita, proposed by Sê Editorial, consisted on organizing, recovering, digitalizing and labeling 43 roll-tapes with original homemade recordings, registered between 1950s and 1980s, with rare Inezita Barroso’s sound experiences. Taking advantage of this Ocupação honouring the artist, the website, the final project, was also released.

The collection brings rare and historical registers of rehearsals, recitals, familiar moments and music from Inezita’s discoteque. The older register in the roll-tapes is from July 1951, and the most recent, from May 1991. The work of recovery, digitalization and label lasted six months and counted on the consulting of Marta Barroso, the artist’s daughter.

If all the tapes are already a treasure, we can still dig inside some outstanding details. “Noite de Junho” is the only composition signed by Inezita Barroso, in partnership with her friend, composer and pianist Tullio Tavares – the composition was never recorded. There are also fragments of singing moments with her daughter, Marta, as well as meetings with actors, musicians, great opinion makers such as Yma Sumac, Nelson Ferraz, Eduardo Moreira, Zé do Norte, Luiz Vieira and Paulo Vanzolini.

Recordings reveal Inezita as a researcher, seeking composers and rythms to build her repertoire. “This recorder is a symbol of what she carried, a great research as artist and singer. The material is all labeled and digitalized, the tapes were cleaned and the recorder will be at the exhibition”, says Aloisio Milani, proponent of the project.

Press play and board this sound trip.


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