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The generative words of Ocupação Paulo Freire

“These words are called generative because through the combination of their basic elements they give rise to others. As words from the vocabulary universe of the learner, their meanings are constituted or reconstituted in the learner’s behaviors, which configure existential situations, or are configured within them. They represent respective situations that pass from the learner’s life experience to the world of objects. Learners gain a distance from their own experience, becoming self-aware. At that moment, they began to decode.”

(Pedagogia do oprimido, page 6. Paz e Terra. 17th edition)

We celebrate Ocupação Paulo Freire with an invitation: we think about words from our vocabulary universe that offer experiences, recover memories, stimulate people to look within themselves and at their context, and which, mainly, are an engine for driving self-awareness and modifying the world.


Choose a word from the cloud above

“The impossible thing is to be absolutely certain as though today’s certainty were necessarily yesterday’s and will continue to be the same tomorrow.”

À sombra desta mangueira, page 29. Civilização Brasileira. 10th edition.


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Publicação em Libras

Como parte da “Ocupação Paulo Freire”, este vídeo apresenta um dos capítulos da publicação, o Editorial, acessível em Libras.

O educador pelo mundo


Round off your visit to the Ocupação Paulo Freire exhibition space

(documents in Portuguese except when said otherwise)



  1. Vocabulary Universe of Angicos
  2. Concept of Culture
  3. The Experience of Angicos
  4. Training course for coordinators of culture circles in the Paulo Freire system, in Mossoró (RN)
  5. Angicos in slides

PNA (National Literacy Plan)

  1. Plan: Culture Circles. Supervisors approved – after the course
  2. Study of the context of cities in Rio de Janeiro state (Duque de Caxias, Itaguaí) for applying the Method for the Teaching of Literacy
  3. Images of the PNA pilot project in Santa Catarina
  4. Brennand images


IDAC (in French and Italian)

  1. IDAC notebook 1/4. Conscientisation et révolution – Une conversation avec Paulo Freire
  2. IDAC notebook 2/4. Guinée-Bissau: réinventer l’éducation
  3. IDAC notebook 4/4. la libération de la femme: changer de monde, réinverter la vie
  4. IDAC notebook 3/4. Il disegno umoristico: come strumento di educazione politica

Notebooks of St. Thomas and Príncipe

  1. The Struggle Continues: Activities Notebook, Second Phase: Notebook 1
  2. The Struggle Continues: First Notebook of Popular Culture
  3. The Struggle Continues: Second Notebook of Popular Culture – Our People, Our Land: Text to Read and Discuss (initiation to grammar)
  4. Our Land. 1st Class


Municipal Secretariat of Education

  1. Municipal Teachership Statue: Preliminary Draft of the Law
  2. Movement for Teaching Literacy to Youths and Adults of the City of São Paulo
  3. Ten Months of Administration: What Changed
  4. CRECE: Collegiate of School Board Representatives
  5. Training Notebooks – Training Groups – A (Re)Vision of the Education of the Educator


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Dialogues between Pina Bausch and Paulo Freire

Dancer Lícia Morais tells how her contact with Paulo Freire’s ideas led to her master’s thesis; when talking about the Baushian process with a researcher from the education area, she discovered similarities between it and the educator’s approach. She went deeper into this research in her doctoral and postdoctoral work, seeking for an interlinking between Pina Bausch and Paulo Freire, finding very similar thoughts they shared in common.